Hygienist Highlight – Marissa Heredia

October is National Dental Hygiene Month and we will be highlighting our very own dental hygienist through out the month.  Dental Hygienist are vital to every dental practice.  They work very hard to ensure each and every patient has a pleasurable experience and leave with the oral hygiene knowledge needed to maintain good oral health.  We can’t thank them enough for all that they do!

First up is Marissa Heredia, RDH


I live in: El Segundo.

I attended dental hygiene school at: West Los Angeles College.

I became a dental hygienist because: I truly love dentistry and wanted to work with people one on one. I also loved the flexibility to work part-time so I can still be a mom.

The thing I enjoy most about being a dental hygienist is: meeting someone new everyday and being able to give them one new piece of oral hygiene instruction that they may not have heard before.

My mentor is: my aunt Patti, she was the first female to go to college in our family. She helped me get through college and pushed me to pursue my goal of becoming an RDH.

My favorite oral hygiene aid: Tongue Scraper: it can help reduce bad breathe, stain and plaque build up. My favorite for all the coffee and wine drinkers.

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