Ragnar Trail Relay – Vail Lake Recap


Dr. Calleros, Marissa, and Stephanie teamed up with some of our patients and friends to make an 8 person Calleros Dental Ragnar Trail Relay Team.  The Ragnar Trail Relay is an overnight running adventure around Vail Lake, Ca that took place from Friday, October 10 to Saturday, October 11 to benefit The Child Abuse Prevention Center.   Each runner, runs three trails totaling 14.6 miles with a team total of 116.8 miles.

Child%20Abuse%20Prevention%20center%20logo%20hi-resWe arrived in Vail Lake at 11:30 am on Friday and set up our Calleros Dental Camp. Marissa brought her huge 10 person tent for us to nap in.  We had the Calleros Dental Pop-Up Tent to shade us and a lot of yummy food to nourish us.  We then checked out the Ragnar Village.  Much to our surprise were the make-shift bathrooms provided. They would not of been so bad, if there weren’t 2,000 other runners using them as well, but we made due and that’s part of the experience.  Next, we got our gear and got ready to go.

Stephanie started us off in the blazing heat on the long “flat” course at 2:30 pm on Friday.  Dr. Calleros’ first run was nice and cool at sundown, but challenging as her trail consisted of some steep inclines. Marissa got all the elements thrown at her out the gates with her first two runs.  She started off in the pitch black of the night with the long “flat” trail and then again with the most challenging trail of them all. This trail had killer hills and tough descents.  We continued running through the cool night and finished off in the scorching heat again at 2:30 pm on Saturday.

We placed 3rd in our division and 105th overall out of 266 teams.  We had a great time and are already looking forward to next year.  It was an awesome way to do something new and challenging, as well as, benefit a great cause.

Special Thanks to Trey, Meghan, Jason, Kassi, and Julie for joining the Calleros Dental Team and killing it out there!




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