In the News – Proctor and Gamble to Remove Polyethylene from Products


The American Dental Hygiene Association reports:

In the last few months, dental hygienists like Trish Walraven, RDH, BSDH have been speaking out about polyethylene plastic beads or microbeads in toothpastes, and their potential to become embedded within gums. Procter & Gamble (P&G) has elected to remove the FDA-approved microbeads from a number of products, including Crest toothpastes, due to pressure from consumers and dental hygiene professionals. P&G states that although “the ingredient in question is completely safe, approved for use in foods by the FDA and part of an enjoyable brushing experience for millions of consumers with no issues, we understand there is a growing preference for us to remove the ingredient.” P&G pledges to remove the plastic beads from a majority of their products by March 2015, with the completion of the removal process a year later, in March 2016.

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