Dentist Highlight – Dr. Sandra Calleros

I live in: Manhattan a Beach.

I attended dental school at: UCLA School of Dentistry.

I became a dentist because: Honestly it was not my first choice for a career (veterinary medicine was), but a close friend was in dental school at the time I decided veterinary medicine wasn’t for me. He helped me see what a wonderful profession dentistry is. I love the combination of biology and art, along with the flexibility of having my own business . Being able to help people become more healthy and self-confident is priceless.

The thing I enjoy most about being a dentist is: The opportunity to put my skills, training, experience and my incredible team together to create an exceptional experience for our patients.

I keep my passion for dentistry alive by: continuing education. I love learning and dentistry is changing so much right now, so there is a lot to learn. It’s never been so exciting for me in all of my 27 years of practicing dentistry.

My best dental advice is: see your dentist regularly! You will be healthier overall if your mouth is healthy.

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