Level of Care – It’s Your Choice

At Calleros Dental we welcome all patients.  Our goal is to help you take care of your teeth, smile and mouth at a level that is right for you.  We believe that it is your choice on the level of care that you want in our practice. We will help you thoroughly understand your dental choices so you can make the best decision possible. Your first choice is how you would like us to work with you. Below are the different levels of care one may be at.  When you come in for your first appointment with our office, we will review these levels of care with you to help you choose how we should start with you. It is not uncommon for people to begin at one level and progress to higher levels when they are ready. We’re here to help you discover what is right for you so your teeth, smile and mouth remain as healthy as they can be for life based on your goals.


    Patients at this level choose treatment only when they experience a crisis such as pain, swelling or bleeding that requires immediate treatment. Urgent care patients are generally not focused on taking steps to ensure future urgencies do not occur. They come in when they know they have a major problem to deal with and the condition has developed to a point of urgency in order to control pain or save the tooth.


    Patients at this level choose treatment for obvious problems such as broken or cracked teeth, cavities, sensitivity, discomfort or concerns that are creating issues in the mouth right now. Remedial care patients are usually not focused on taking steps to prevent new concerns or improve their health over time. They only want to deal with concerns that have already developed into conditions that require treatment to remove existing disease or repair the teeth back to the most basic level of health.


    Patients at this level seek treatment for existing concerns just like remedial care patients, but they are also concerned about conditions that may create problems in the near future. These patients generally want to maintain the health of each tooth at a basic level so they also do what they can to prevent new concerns from developing. When treatment is recommended, proactive care patients usually prioritize their treatment to manage their costs but still take care of things soon enough so that known concerns are less likely to develop into major problems.


    Complete dentistry patients are concerned about the current conditions in their mouth, the causes of dental disease and their long-term health. They want to know their full treatment options so they can become and remain as healthy as they can be, thereby minimizing their long-term dental costs. These patients often choose a step-by-step master plan focused on restoring their health combined with prevention and regular care to achieve steady long-term dental health and an improved appearance to their smile over time.


    Just like complete dentistry patients, patients at this level are focused on long-term dental health and disease prevention, but they also want their teeth and smile to look great. Patients at this level are interested in treatment options to correct all dental concerns for lifelong optimal function and appearance. For some of these patients, enhancing their appearance with a beautiful new smile is very important.

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