3-D Cone Beam Imaging – The Future is Here!

3d14Calleros Dental is proud to be amongst the 1% of dentists who have chosen to incorporate 3-D cone beam imaging into their practice.  3-D cone beam imaging, also known as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), has revolutionized the way dentists can gather information and deliver precise treatment.  Traditional 2-D xrays can leave many factors to chance and are limited by distortion, magnification changes, restricted clarity, and lack of accuracy in measurements.  The transformation from interpreting two-dimensional information to diagnosing from 3-D imaging is a drastic change and has forever altered the way dentistry must be practiced.

3 dWith this advanced technology Dr. Calleros and Dr. Moser have the ability to visualize oral and facial structures in countless views, providing a whole picture to diagnose from.  It is similar to medical CT scans in that both scans produce high quality images, however CBCT scans radiation dosage is 15 times lower than medical CT scans.

3d12In our office each patient will have a CBCT scan as a part of their comprehensive exam.  The 3-D image allows the dentists to look for pathology such as abscesses, cysts, tumors, etc that are not easily detected with 2-D xrays.    In addition to pathology we are able to evaluate the jaw for TMJ, sinuses for inflammation, and bone levels for advancement of periodontal disease and/or implant placement.  Beyond evaluation these images along with the computer software give us the ability to plan an implant case from start to finish right in our office. The applications for CBCT are endless and we look forward to the many ways it will continue to help us provide the best treatment to our patients!

sd10The process of taking a CBCT scan is very simple.  All jewelry and glasses must be removed first. You will then be guided into the correct standing position in which you must hold very still. The xray source then rotates around your head for about 10 seconds capturing many images that will be combined to make a 3-D image.  Once finished, Dr. Calleros or Dr. Moser will analyze and review the image with you.

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