Dr. Calleros is a 39er!


This past weekend Dr. Calleros participated in the Avon 39, The Walk to End Breast Cancer in Santa Barbara.  She banded together with thousands of other 39ers in solidarity to take breast cancer down!  She raised over $6000.00, well over the minimum $1800.00 required to participate, thanks to all of her supporters!

By stepping up to the AVON 39 challenge, she is helping breast cancer patients in your community and across the nation. Net funds raised will directly benefit the Santa Barbara area and help make sure that care programs nationwide, as well as national research programs, have the resources to make the most progress possible to help obliterate breast cancer.

Since 2003:

  • 207,000 39ers got off the couch, strapped on their shoes, and earned their 39.
  • 6,868,000 equals the number of miles trekked by 39ers who went the distance to stomp out breast cancer.
  • 550,000,000 was raised by people dedicated to ending breast cancer forever.

We are proud of  Dr. Calleros becoming a 39er! She continues to inspire us all!

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