Dental Anxiety, SOLVED…

  • Over 60 million people in the US avoid dental care due to fear and anxiety
  • 82% of adults report some level of dental anxiety
  • 55% of Americans are fearful of dentistry
  • 92% of Americans say that an attractive smile is an important social asset
  • 52% of Americans are not satisfied with their smile

If this is you, we have your solution.  Introducing NuCalm:

All-Natural Relaxation

NuCalm is a patented, clinically proven, neuroscience technology designed to quickly guide you to a deeply relaxed state where your body can heal and recover. The immediate health benefits of NuCalm include:

  • Reduces stress (cortisol production)
  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Decreases pain sensitivity
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Improves immune system, heart health, and respiratory health
  • Improves attention and memory
  • Resets biological clocks
  • Increases creativity

Improving the Dental Experience

NuCalm takes the most anxious and stressed dental patient and guides them to deep relaxation.  A relaxed dental patient allows dentist and their teams to provide the best care possible.

  • Over 400,000 dental patients have experienced a relaxed dental appointment
  • 95% of patients state they would use NuCalm again
  • 98% of patients state they would recommend NuCalm to friends and family

With NuCalm, there is no risk or recovery time and patients can drive themselves to and from the appointment.

4 Simple Steps to Relaxation

  1. All-natural amino acids
  2. Microcurrent to facilitate relaxation
  3. Neuroacoustic software
  4. Eye mask or dark glasses

In a few minutes you will begin to draw deeper breaths, your body will feel heavier, and your mind will wander.  NuCalm allows you to experience a concentrated, refreshing reboot at the cellular level with minimal effect.

Our number 1 goal is to provide the best experience possible for our patients and we are so excited to be offering a solution to the dental anxiety that many of our patients feel.  If you are interested in the NuCalm experience or have questions regarding NuCalm please give us a call, we are happy to answer your questions or schedule a time for you to simply experience NuCalm for yourself.

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